Vegetarian Christmas


An older book, now out of print, but I don’t think anything has come along to best it as a veggie festive title (do comment if you know otherwise!). I got the hardback out of the library something like 18/19 years ago and it impacted me. The gorgeousness of Christmas food, the hints on preparing and freezing taking the hard work away from the day itself, the photos all through it. In fact looking through the pristine copy I now own (thank you Amazon marketplace, used condition, 1 pence!) I see obvious influences there for some of the recipes on our Yule page from puff pastry mushroom trees:


to little Santa pizzas:


and parsley potato stars: vc6

There are five complete Christmas dinner menus, sections on preparation, party food, puddings and cakes, lighter festive lunches and so many cute sides. There’s also a craft bit about making your own gifts. As with all Rose Elliot books there are vegan adjustments added in where appropriate.

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Whooper swans flew over as I was taking the photographs:


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  1. Just catching up with your blog and I’m delighted to see this book recommended.

    I’ve long been a fan of Rose Elliot and found this book about 2 weeks ago in an Oxfam bookshop in Thame. I’ve been so pleased with it and don’t know why I’ve not come across it before. But it’s definitely on the favourites shelf of my cookery book wall now. (I really must be more brutal with some books I’ve already got!)

    Love reading your blog and website. It inspires me so much. Thank you.

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