Vegan Skincare for Men: Shakeup Cosmetics

 vegan skincare for men: Shakeup Cosmetics

The range of vegan skincare for men from Shakeup Cosmetics is exceptionally high quality, and actually great for everyone, ladies too!

Back in my dance college days, I remember a young man borrowing my foundation as he had an audition and was desperate to cover a spot. He had no makeup of his own. It just wasn’t the done thing back then. How stupid was that? Now it’s for everybody, and that’s as it should be.

And we all tried it!

vegan skincare for men

All the products smell lovely, like really lovely, not floral and overpowering as some female targeted brands sometimes are. These have a slight spice to them. They smell expensive (but they’re not).

The Face4ward toner is super refreshing. The men in our house particularly liked the face wash. The Let’s Face It Tinted Moisturiser is subtle and smooth and discreet. You don’t look like you’ve got a face full of make up on. The same can be said for the Eye Eye Captain under eye concealer and moisturiser. It comes in a cute little roll on tube. And we love its name.

Eye Eye Captain under eye concealer: vegan skincare for men

Check out the whole range of vegan skincare for men on the Shakeup website, where they are currently offering a free gift (worth £22) when you spend £35. Highly recommended by all of us here at the Vegan Family House!


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