Vegan Toad in the Hole

toad in the hole, vegan

Our vegan toad in the hole turned out soft and light and delicious and filling and tasty. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Partly cook sausages in oven at 200C for about 10 minutes:toad1

Batter made thus: mix 5 tablespoons of self raising flour with 3 tablespoons of gram (chick pea) flour, a pinch of salt and a pinch of bicarb. Beat in enough soya milk to make a creamy pouring batter. This quantity was to cover 12 sausages, adjust as needed. It would be far less ‘spongy’ if you used plain flour, but we like it like this 🙂

Pour over hot sausages:

Then it’s back in the oven for another 20-30 minutes until nice and solid:
vegan toad in the hole

Serve with gravy, roast potatoes and veg. Yum, yum, yum.

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17 Replies to “Vegan Toad in the Hole”

  1. wow that looks amazing… proper comfort food! You def should look at opening a vegan B&B!
    By the way what do you feed your dog? Mine used to be on Yarrah organic but it was way over priced and had wheat in it which doesn’t agree with her :o( I am trying to find a good value veggie one… anyone know of any?
    I am totally going to make that toad in t’ hole as my batter NEVER ever looks that good!

  2. lol at B&B idea!

    we tried that yarrah food, it really didn’t suit Toby at all (disgusting consequences!), none of the cereal based ones do. He eats a variety of meat based dry food now with seems to suit him best. Let me know if you find something good.

  3. hey I have found a muesli type one called whackidog by Suma! It is a muesli type thing, have to put boiling water in (obviously it has to cool down, d’uh!) and is very reasonably priced. Around a fiver for 5kg! I have ordered some from my local healthfood shop and I am goin to put TVP chunks in to give it a meaty taste. They also do 15kg bags for less than £15 :o) Failing that there is one called V dog (used to be called happidog) which is double the price of the suma one but still cheaper than Yarrah! That’s all I can find at the mo… I have researched on the net but will let you know if I find anything else. Next is veggie cat food! Someone told me cats cannot be vegetarian but I know they sell it! And during the WW1 and 2 they fed the lions and tigers straw as meat was rationed and the animals were fine AND became less predatory!

  4. Hi! I want to make this but I can’t seem to find chickpea flour anywhere near me! Does it have to be in the recipe or can I make do without it?

      1. Oh good! Health food shops should have it. Supermarkets often have it in their World Foods section. Amazon have it too:

        You could make the recipe without it, it would just be less dense.

    1. Sorry, we don’t calorie count our recipes. This one would vary hugely depending what brand of sausage you used. I think Linda Mc ones are 69 cals each?

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