Solstice Chocolate Refrigerator Christmas Cake

the sun sets on the Solstice
the sun sets on the Solstice

1 square cake tin,  greased
2 100g bars of good chocolate
1 tablespoon of margarine
1 tablespoon of golden syrup
1 200g pack of bourbon biscuits (other biscuits will do), bashed up
and here’s the Christmassy part… a crumbled slice of  Christmas cake including bits of marzipan and icing
a handful of raisins

Melt 1 bar of  chocolate in a Bain Marie (bowl over pan of hot water) along with the marg and syrup. Once nice and smooth, stir in your other ingredients and press mixture into tin.  Melt the other bar and spread on top. We topped with sugar stars… chill in fridge until set and cut into squares.

It’s gorgeous… quite different with the Christmas cake but very, very good and dangerously moreish 🙂


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8 Replies to “Solstice Chocolate Refrigerator Christmas Cake”

  1. I made two 🙂 and it wasn’t so much leftover as just so crumbly I scraped it’s scatterings into the chocolate mix 🙂 yes, gingerbread would be good…

      1. Annoyingly, I threw out the last of my ginger cake just last night! It’s bedn sitting in a tin for weeks and I thought. I’ll give that to the birds! Now I know what I can do with it in future.

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