Scottish macaroons

If you’re looking for a Scottish dish to make for Burns night other than haggis*, these are very good – nothing like the English item of the same name and containing the somewhat surprising ingredient of potato (undetectable, is lovely fondant).

Basically you boil a small peeled potato, mash it and mix in as much icing sugar as it can take, which will be a lot. Roll out the fondant, cut into rectangles and leave to dry out for a few hours. Coat in melted chocolate, dip in dessicated coconut, toasted or not, and let set. There is a more detailed write up by Cat over on Modern Housewife

*note: do not serve the macaroons with neeps and tatties 😉

Scottish coconut macaroons

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  1. Oh Lucy the macaroons look yummy,and using potato wow,they will be on my list this week,but I think I will conveniently forget to tell the younger ones what they are made from:) We had a soya chunk non beefy hotpot with dumplings the other day,I do love dumplings and was shocked to find our local shop selling veggie suet!! Beckyx

  2. I never knew that blog was still out there!

    I made mini macaroon bites for Christmas gifts this year. Lovely bites sized macaroons that almost melted in the mouth…mmmmm.

    The same potato mix can also be used to make flavoured ‘creams’ like peppermint creams, orange creams etc which can also be dipped in chocolate. In theory the same mix can also be used as a fondant icing for over fruit cakes but I haven’t tried out my theory yet!

  3. They are gorgeous – good idea with the flavours. Ours do miss something without the coconut so I got some today and will try toasting it and hope it’s heat adheres it to the bars!

  4. Good grief! I look away for a minute or two and you’ve got yourself a new look blog! I’ve commented on the previous entry…
    I’ve been meaning to make macaroon bars for AGES and just might do it now. They look delicious and the bought ones usually have egg white in them, so that’s no use.
    Mind you, how do you make and eat macaroon bars and stil lose weight? Hmmm… I’ll need to think this one out…

  5. Hi! I came across your blog from Penny’s and am so glad. These look absolutely wonderful! We have never made macaroons and these definitely inspire me, all drenched in chocolate like that with toasted coconut…

  6. Hi Cassie 🙂 they are very good…

    the big bars are such a temptation though, I think we made too many (used too big a tattie).

  7. its so easy to use too big a tattie! The first time I made it I only used a fairly medium sized one and ended up with a macaroon mountain!

  8. I might try making these, I know they will be too sweet for me (heck the apple I ate today was too sweet for me) but it is David’s birthday on Monday so I think Davey and I might make a batch.

  9. Charlotte made them and I forgot to tell her about using only a small potato so she cooked and mashed a big one! hope you like them Pamela 🙂

  10. Hi Lucy,

    I don’t know if you remember me, I emailed you a bit about home educating and I joined noshed, however I ended up enrolling my little girl in Primary school. I’ve now been revisiting the idea a bit and wondered if you could email me so I can pick your brains a bit, specifically about HE in our area.

    (If it helps to jog your memory, we met at the Lighthouse museum with a few other families!)

    I think you should be able to see my email address but if not, post on here and I’ll add it.


  11. have emailed you Amber 🙂

    hope you enjoy them if you do try them Riaz – I gave away the rest of ours to a friend today… 😀

  12. Do you happen to know of a recipe for American frosting without egg white? This is the icing that requires a sugar thermometer to make properly. I have tried making it without egg white but the texture comes out wrong.

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