moo free Easter egg


Open the box and it hits you: that exciting, sugary Easter Egg scent from childhood. I don’t know why chocolate should smell different when formed into an egg shape, but it does.  Dark chocolate eggs are of course gorgeous, but altogether more grown up. This is the one for children and those who don’t like high cocoa content chocolate. The moo free egg is sweet and mild and could easily be mistaken for a milk chocolate product.

It’s a good 100g size and the bunny, butterfly and flower packaging is a nice change from dark eggs which are usually aimed at very mature people…

Available from and larger Waitrose stores. Moo Free Chocolates have full details of all stockists on their website

See Vegan Easter for our full updated listings.

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  1. mmmm chocolate! I adore dark, bittersweet chocolate. Wasn’t overly keen on the moo free bars as it tasted to me like cheap chocolate *but* I bet the egg will be nice as it’s thinner and looks delish. They have new hazelnut and banana choc which I really want to try. I am meant to be avoiding sugar as it sets off my anxiety but seeing as you’ve teased me with those yummy cakes n choccie eggs then i may just have to indulge… using your site as a perfect excuse ha ha. x

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