mint squares, white chocolate mousse and a flower

mint cakes

Chocolate mint layer cake made by a clever friend who is generally good at making things 🙂 (recipe now in the comments below)


White chocolate mousse with red berries. Melt about 100g of cocoa butter and blend into a block of silken tofu with some icing sugar and vanilla…

…and a flower:



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14 Replies to “mint squares, white chocolate mousse and a flower”

  1. Very Fattening Mint Squares (to give them their official title)

    The base-
    (just like tiffin)
    4oz marge
    2oz sugar
    2 tablespoons syrup
    1 tablespoon cocoa (but I acutally add way more than that, I think, I like a kick)

    Melt in a pan till all blended well, then and add about 8oz of crushed digestives, but can still be a bit wet, so sometime s a few more are required. Press into swiss roll tin, put in fridge for a bit to cool.

    2oz melted marge
    Erm, lots of icing sugar?
    some water.
    Mint essence and green colouring.

    I don’t really know how I make this, but with a few spoons of water I just add the flavour and colour, but often end up adding more mint as I like it strong, so it’s just a matter of personal taste. I mix it till stiff, then turn it out and knead more icing sugar in, but if it’s too dry it won’t stick to base, and if too wet, it wont set, so aim for a sticky ball that is just pushed onto top of the base. I flatten it with pallette knife then scoop up sections, lay them on, and press them together. Put in fridge.

    When it’s a bit dry, it’s just melted dark chocolate.

    Sorry for all the technical terms, most of my baking is pure guesswork! 🙂

  2. Lucy, I object strongly to this recipe! I’m trying to lose weight and now I’m going to have to make it! In fact, my mouth is already watering at the thought!!!
    Great pics, as always!
    Where do you buy your cocoa butter? (Yes, I’m going to have to make the white chocolate mousse, too!)

  3. You may want to get the book “Happy, Healthy, Vegan Kids” By Tracie DeMotte. It is a vegan kids book that tells about being vegan and animal alternatives with lots of nice photos and also some vegan, gluten free recipes. Tell your vegan friends.

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