I love it when I have a book that I’m enjoying so much I resent all other activities that take me away from it .  Things like housework, cooking, sleeping… ugh… website work, long walks and lovely trips out with friends are still good 🙂 I did/do/will manipulate any conversation to a discussion about the books in question and the author though 😀

Halfway through the second title in the Millennium trilogy with the aspergian character Lisbeth Salander. Long term readers of the blog will know that I do like writers who are saying stuff that needs to be said. Exposing the rot in the hope of helping clear it away. Here we have institutional abuse, sadistic bullying, violence against women and children and the compliance and ignorance of those around the situations against a very thrilling murder plot with corruption and political comment aplenty. Wonderfully recognised individuals. So exciting, I have to go…

Wiki on author Stieg Larsson

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  1. Back after my study break!
    I haven’t tried these books as the people at my knitting group who were reading the Dragon Tattoo one gave me the impression it was pretty violent and gory… Would you say it is? It sounds interesting, but I’m definitely into cheerful, cosy reading at the moment, to give my brain a break!

  2. I’m also in the 2nd book. I was recommended to read it by my 15 yr old son. Yes, it is pretty gory/difficult. I’m not overly keen on him having read them, but I used to read all sorts of war books in my teens, so can’t really argue.

    Every word counts in this translation. Don’t even think of getting the dvd for book 1 though…That was an error, I stopped it after a few minutes and took it straight to the charity shop. Beautiful, but highly inappropriate…..even for me at 46.

  3. I don’t discourage my children (now teens) from reading ‘adult’ things either, that can be a pretty naive attitude considering the nature of the world. They show no inclination to read these though. First book triggered highly unfortunate memories from my childhood but that’s a thing I seem to be going through just now anyway… all cathartic and good.

    I have seen the Swedish DVDs and been wondering about them – I suspect the Hollywood version that’s being made just now will be sanitised somewhat.

    onto book 3 😀

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