lovely breakfast


A toasted onion and poppy seed bagel topped with hummus, chervil, rocket and tomato; a perfect mix of freshness and solidity for a cold morning πŸ˜€

A month or so ago I pulled out all the shot rocket and chervil from one of the raised beds, leaving behind only the cut and come again lettuces from the salad mix, or so I thought. The whole patch is now covered in a lawn of young plants. Beautiful.


Will be interesting to see how long it survives…Β  self seeded parsley always goes all winter. These are in quite a sheltered spot so I have hopes for my liquoricey little friends. Love over wintering πŸ˜€


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  1. yum delicious nutritous breakfast. I tend to be so starving in the morn (and grumpy!) that I just throw a bowl of cereal for me and the kids. But maybe brunch one lazy morning…. oh to have a lie in! 8am is a good morning, we have a lively 6 year old and a two year old and they are very early risers!

  2. Yes, I consider myself very lucky this morning. Still in bed with nocaf and iPod. Thank you clocks going back and Davies weekend off πŸ™‚

    Just wait til your kids are teens, those growing brains want to sleep all morning!

  3. ok I dont wanna wish away their childhood but….. woohoo! It must be all that good vegan nutrition they get ;oP
    Some idiot had a go at me for daring to say I like tofu today. They rudely cut into my conversation and said “It is DISGUSTING! Vile.Tastes like nothing!” so I politely told them it can be bland and as they say, disgusting but it absorbs flavours well. Their response, “so does chicken and steak!” Unbelievable that people can be *so* rude! I wasn’t even preaching animal rights or anything, just talking to someone about tofu! I need to tell some fellow vegans as my carnie friends kinda don’t understand!

  4. oh dear πŸ™ I think it’s just human nature. If a person is not completely secure in their own choices they need to put the choices of others down… hasn’t happened to me about veganism for a long time… but other aspects of our lives? Still, it reveals your real friends/people who support you etc.

    Eat your tofu proudly πŸ˜€

  5. I get it quite often about veganism and my love of natural medicines such as nutrition and herbs… my vegan friend gets even *more* hassle than me as she is both above mentioned and home educating. Some people seem to think that if you aren’t the norm then it gives them the right to judge.
    I don’t judge others and tent to keep quiet about veganism unless someone asks but then people can ask me a question and then when I reply they say I am preaching. Oh well, at least with the ‘net we can suppport fellow vegans/veggie and anyone interested without getting our heads bitten off. Winter starts in a month… and I daren’t look at your cakes as I have put on half a stone since July! Poop.

  6. I know it’s weird how people seem to assume that if you’ve made an alternative choice it gives them some sort of right to ask the most impertinent and audastic questions. Of course maybe these are just impertinent people who energetically quiz those with kids at school and eating meat also πŸ˜€

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