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Love and Growing Up:


Pink! by Lynne Rickards. An endearing story of a small penguin who wakes up pink one morning. He deals with the challenges of being different, taunting, seeks medical help, finds others who he perceives to be like him and ultimately accepts himself as he is. A nice reminder for us all, for who isn’t different in some way? Margaret Chamberlain’s humoresque illustrations add to the charm of the book. Buy UK or Buy US


The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn offers lots of very practical advice about how to find your own way in the world, develop your own style, think for yourself, end up with a career you love as opposed to one you’ve been railroaded into by other people etc.  Buy UK or  Buy US



‘I Am a Lovable Me – Affirmations for Children’ by Sharon Penchina and Dr. Stuart Hoffman. A delightful, very colourful book for children which builds self esteem through affirmation. Though the book would at first glance with it’s bright, simple characters, seem to be aimed at quite small children, my two aged 10 and 12 years (at the time of writing) loved the affirmations too. Getting along with others, eating healthy food, drinking water and being confident are just a few of the issues dealt with – a lovely book which leaves you feeling happy. Buy UK or Buy US


deepbreath‘I Take a Deep Breath!’ in the same series as ‘Lovable Me’ above. This book really makes you aware of your breath (as an adult I was breathing better by the end!). It starts with some facts about deep breathing and how it benefits you and continues with cheery affirmations. One I drew my children’s attention to was “When it’s time to clean my room, I take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly. Then I take care of my things – what a good feeling it brings”!!

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‘The Pop-Up Potty Book’ by Marianne Bogardt and Maxie Chambliss. We loved this book when our children were at the learning about potties stage – the humour is appreciated by all ages and it really does seem to make little ones think! Buy UK or Buy US




The latest Mog book by Judith Kerr ‘Goodbye Mog’ brings a tear to all of us who have loved Mog through our own childhood and shared her with our own kids. The death of a loved animal is dealt with very matter of factly but also lovingly here with the spirit of Mog staying around to help a new kitten settle in. Buy UK or Buy US




‘Love You Forever’ – a beautiful book about love and growing up – a bit tear jerking at the end (for adults anyway!) – very well illustrated. Suitable from about two years and up. Buy UK or Buy US




‘I believe in Me – a book of affirmations’ by Connie Bowen. A beautifully illustrated book for boosting children’s self esteem. Twenty-seven different affirmations with pictures of angels, light beings and animals. Buy UK or Buy US




‘It Could Have been Worse’ by Tim Warnes and A.H. Benjamin. While on his way home a little mouse has many small accidents which he moans about feeling very sorry for himself. Each time his misfortunes save him from a much worse fate – children love to spot what could actually have happened and find this book very funny. Buy UK or Buy US




‘Princess Smartypants’ – here is a fairy story with a feminist slant! Princess Smartypants does not want to get married – she wants to stay a Ms. and live happily ever after. She has to outwit Prince Swashbuckle first though – very funny book. Buy UK or Buy US


‘The Paper Bag Princess’ sets off to rescue the prince after he has been taken by a dragon who has also destroyed all the princess’ possessions (hence the need to wear a paper bag!) – she then finds out that the prince is not quite as nice as she had thought… Buy UK or Buy US




‘Don’t Bet on the Prince’ – Contemporary feminist fairy tales from North America and England – more of an adult book really – the antidote to all the ‘ugly sister’ and ‘beautiful princess’ stories of our youth! Stories from many writers and some essays on how fairy tales influence children’s perceptions of the world. Children do love the stories too – suitable for reading aloud to children from about 7 or 8 years. Buy UK or Buy US




‘Minty – a story of young Harriet Tubman’ – here is a ‘fiction mixed with facts’ telling of the childhood of Harriet Tubman, who is famous for leading hundreds of slaves to freedom through the underground railroad. A very inspiring book, and also a good introduction to the subject of slavery for children. Buy UK or Buy US



‘Amazing Grace’ by Mary Hoffman. Grace longs to play the part of Peter Pan in her school play – but Peter is usually played by a white boy. With the help of her mother and grandmother Grace learns that you can accomplish great things if you apply yourself and believe in yourself. Buy UK or Buy US



‘The Wise Woman and her Secret’ – not exactly feminist but it does show women and girls in a very positive light – everyone in the village wants to know the secret of the wise woman’s wisdom, but one little girl already knows it. A good book about learning and being curious. Buy UK or Buy US


Vegetarian and Vegan:

veganislove‘Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action’, the newest title by Ruby Roth, enlarges on the message of her first book (below), adding a global perspective to her work. The gentle and empowering prose and pictures examine the use of animals for food, clothes, vivisection and entertainment and encourage us to know that our choices do make a difference. Once again, beautiful artwork and profound words. Buy UK or Buy US


‘That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things’ by Ruby Roth. A stunningly illustrated book for children which compares the way animals live in the wild to the way their factory farmed counterparts exist. Buy UK or Buy US

vegan kids cookbookAnd now, also by Ruby Roth, there’s the great ‘Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids: 60 Easy Plant-Based Recipes Kids Can Make to Stay Healthy and Save the Earth.’ Colourful and cute, full of interesting facts, collage photo illustrations and cute animal characters.

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‘Twas the Night before Thanksgiving’ – the story of eight school children who rescue eight turkeys from Farmer Mack Nugget on Thanks-giving Eve. Ages 4-8. Buy UK or Buy US


eatgreen‘I Do Not Eat the Colour Green’ is another beautiful book written by Lynne Rickards and illustrated by Margaret Chaimberlain. (see our review of Pink! here). A great book for any fussy eaters out there, we watch the wonderfully wild haired Marlene McKean dodge the colour green in a variety of food scerarios. The shops, dinner at home, the school canteen and even at a party where she picks out the green jelly beans. Everything changes for her when she receives an invitation to dine with the Countess and not wanting to be rude accepts a grape. The rhyming text coupled with the lush, colourful food pictures make this a very pleasurable read. A good one to prompt foody discussions too. Buy UK or Buy US


Herb the Vegetarian Dragon by Jules Bass and Debbie Harter. The story of Herb who stands out from his fellow carnivorous dragons by being a vegetarian! He also brings peace to the forest of Nogard where dragons and people now live together in harmony! Colourful book with a real medieval, castles, knights and dungeons feel to it. It does get a bit gruesome at a point where you think that Herb is about to be beheaded so is not perfect for very small children. Reading ages 8-12 or read aloud. Buy UK or Buy US



winter solstice‘The Winter Solstice’ – a wonderful look at the different traditions of the solstice from a variety of cultures. The author has good ideas for explaining the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun to children. The book finishes with a Cherokee creation tale. Buy UK or Buy US


spring‘The Spring Equinox – celebrating the greening of the Earth’ – stories from different cultures and traditions – also hands on activities for children.

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summer‘The Summer Solstice’ by Ellen B. Jackson and Jan Davey Ellis – a great book for kids. A lot of detail about how different cultures and traditions marked the solstice. Also many hands on activities are suggested such as making sundials and even cooking with the heat of the sun. Buy UK or Buy US


autumn‘The Autumn Equinox – Celebrating the Harvest’ by Ellen B. Jackson and Jan Davey Ellis. A wonderful book for children detailing how different cultures have celebrated harvest time and the different holidays and festivals of this time. Buy UK or Buy US

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  1. Great blog post. I used to be a Primary school teacher years ago and there’s a few favourites on here that I used to read to my classes. Think I’ll be ordering a few of these for my nephew and niece 🙂

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