gourmet raw brownies and crisps


But first to the crisps: completely guilt free, dried raw squares of tastiness. The three flavours are Beetroot, Spicy Thai and Red Pepper and they’re all very good…


…but the absolute winner for us was the red pepper. Reminiscent of pizza, these would be very nice little crackers too. Topped with a small slice of tomato, a basil leaf and maybe half an olive… but before these musings could be made real and captured on camera they were all scoffed by other people.

The brownies are satisfyingly sticky, soft and rich, remarkably like a cooked cake but you still feel great after eating them. No sugar rush/up/down thing going on at all.

And just look at this cacao mint brownie coming towards you:


Excuse the food porn 🙂 Other varieties are cacoa cashew which is pleasantly cinnamony, carob hazelnut and carob orange. The carob ones are nice, they got gobbled down fast, but chocolate is always preferred here.

All these delicious, healthy products are raw, organic, vegan and free from wheat and gluten 😀 You can read more about them and purchase on  Gourmet Raw’s website Use code GR003 for a 10% discount.

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  1. Yum, yum, yum and yum! I have just opened their website and am busy drooling! We eat the choc orange flavoured nakd bars all the time and love them, but these look even more decadent! I shall be ordering a mixed case so I can ascertain my favourite! Raw choc is definitely the way forward. It tastes so much nicer. We also get a delicious coconut and raw choc bar locally, its scrumptious!

    Thankyou so much for replying to my last comment. I suppose that is how home ed is. A constantly changing and evolving thing. We mostly study by interest and cover the topic using a variety of methods. But occasionally I stress out that I am not covering enough “curriculum”, usually after a chat with someone whose children attend school. I suppose thats just self doubt creeping in. But people do have a nasty habit of questioning me deeply on subjects such as GCSE’s. Of course, I have all the answers, but then come home and secretly sweat! I am still not convinced to be honest that GCSE’s are of much use. I guess we will have to carry on pondering that one!
    Have a great week, looks like your set up for some lovely tea breaks anyway!
    Oh and thanks for the book links, I have one of Gareth Lewis’s books already, so this should make a good follow on.

  2. ooh, make sure to use code GR003 for your 10% discount – I was a bit slow on getting that up on the post!

    Ignoring other people’s opinions is one of the great skills in life I think, but it takes practice 😀 The kids take it out of your hands anyway by expressing their own desires re their education as they get older… it all has to come from them once they’re young adults 🙂

  3. look delish… I am drooling! Referring to previous post… my children aren’t home schooled but people stilll comment on things, their diet, our beliefs. People will always judge esp when it makes them feel uncomfortable. As long as you are happy and your family are then ignore them!

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