Chestnut Roast for Christmas or Thanksgiving

chestnut roast, vegan and gluten free

A very nice chestnut roast, the sweet spiciness of the nuts making it quite different in flavour to our cashew and walnut ones. Serves four generously.

Fry off 2 large red onions and 4 sticks of celery, both roughly chopped. Add in seven cloves (or less, up to you) of finely chopped garlic and a good bunch of fresh rosemary, scissored in.

Once the above has softened add a jar or tin of chestnut puree and stir until dissolved. Add a little water (about half a cupful) before mixing in a cup of Orgran Rice Crumbs (or other bread crumbs) and a couple of tablespoonfuls of gluten-free flour. Salt to taste.

Place in an oiled loaf tin and bake at 200C for at least half an hour or until firm. Yum. Slices well cold the next day for chestnut roast sandwiches or salads too.

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The tree picture is dark and creepy today, but still brighter than the weather.

dark and creepy trees by a loch
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6 Replies to “Chestnut Roast for Christmas or Thanksgiving”

  1. Hello Bonny Scotland from lovely Lancashire!! Made your delicious chestnut roast yesterday with a few tweeks – Weetabix and plain flour is what I had in – and added some bouillon. I was a bit hesitant as it took ages to cook and I thought I’d need to use it as soup, but it firmed up nicely eventually and tasted lovely! Thank you very much, and for your fabulous web-site!! Off to the rugby club in a bit with half the roast for my daughter, and to cheer on England!! Carry them home!!!!!!

  2. Ah, the gluten free crumbs and flour are super absorbent, I think you would need less water with wheat products, but I’m glad it worked out well in the end 🙂

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