a frugal recipe again, basic pasties 🙂

and always bargains to be had from the book people

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  1. Mmmmm…. Pasties….. I feel a pasty-making session coming on…. The offspring will be very pleased. They love to have pasties as a packed lunch for uni… So, on their behalf, ‘Thank you, Lucy!’

  2. Those pasties look wonderful.
    I have been keen and wondering how to make pasties.
    Thank you for sharing and pointing us in a useful direction.
    By the way I shall be up in Scotland from the 12th February onwards.

  3. I enjoy making, and eating, pasties. It is possible to make pasties in quantity and freeze them in an uncooked state. Last year I created some savoury puddings with a vegetable suet case and a filling of leeks and mushrooms in a sauce comprised of thick gravy and paprika. They were cooked in a microwave and were very tasty.

  4. It started life as a pond pudding with a currant and sugar filling. The pastry on a good pond pudding is supposed to break apart when you turn it out because it is loaded with juice. I then had the idea of creating a pudding with a savoury filling.

  5. Pond pudding was the name of a recipe from the instruction book for a microwave oven. The pudding is made in a wide and shallow dish and is filled with so much juice that pond is an ideal term to describe it.

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