All the Vegan Food!

scrambled tofu

Big breakfast from  the 100% vegan Bonobo Café in Aberdeen.

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

The famous/infamous Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll above… Easter goodies below:

Sanisbury's Pink Vegan Egg
vegan creme eggs

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7 Replies to “All the Vegan Food!”

  1. This made me laugh as it looks like my week – tried out the vegan breakfast at Beetroot Sauvage in Edinburgh (which was amazing), treated the kids to a Greggs sausage roll midweek and have been trying to track down the best vegan milk chocolate Easter egg for my daughter!

  2. That looks super nice!! Makes me hungry lol. Also like the comment above, I wasn’t aware that there are vegan Easter eggs… Never saw any at Tesco this year (where I normally shop).

    1. The Tesco near us, a relatively small one, had them in both the Free From section and in with the other eggs 🙂

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