a green book giveaway


We have a beautiful paperback copy of Lynne Rickard’s new book , I Do Not Eat the Colour Green to give away. A lovely title which encourages healthy eating for kids. See our review of it up here

To enter just comment on this post and tell us what your favourite green thing is. Interpret the word green in any way you like 🙂 We only have one copy so Charlotte will pick the entry that appeals most to her this time – the names will be removed before she judges so feel free to enter if we know you personally or if you’ve never set eyes on this blog before – it won’t affect your chances 😀

Competition now closed: Congratulations to Wendy 😀

11 Replies to “a green book giveaway”

  1. Green. Tough one. So many fab green things. But I think I love the deep burnished green of holly leaves best, it’s just so fabulous to have something growing and healthy in the deepest part of winter, reminding you that nature is still there, under the grays, whites and browns of autumn and winter. 🙂

  2. Well I have eight favourite green things but they are all fairly similar. They are the eyes of my husband, my two children and the cat 🙂

  3. Just back from the beach and fresh in my mind is the lucious slippery slimey shiny OLIVE GREEN of Bladderwrack – nature’s own bubble wrap, just ripe for popping! x

  4. My favourite green thing is breastfeeding! It’s environmentally friendly, as well as baby friendly, mummy friendly and vegan friendly :o)

  5. The title of this book sums up my little girl!!

    My fav green thing is using my kids artwork as designer wrapping paper saves a fortune, is unique and better for the planet:)

  6. I love everything green, especially to eat, but my favourite green is the green of spring. The sudden bright almost acid green that appears everywhere in the warm spring sunshine. It is a green that you only ever see in spring, and I LOVE it!

  7. My favorite green thing? Difficult to choose, since so many lovely things are green: fresh leaves in spring, apples in summer, cabbage in autumn and Christmas tree in winter.
    We live in green! Green makes us happy! Can you imagine a world without … green?

  8. My favourite green is the sheen on the back of the shield beetles we find in our garden on our little pixie bug hunts. Translucent!
    Great blog, as always.
    Thank you

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