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We put the old, more battered, sign on some t-shirts and things a while back…

Scotch Broth


Autumn. Cold winds. Rain. Hail. Even a few moments of snow yesterday between bursts of hot sunshine. Walking on the South side of the hill in the woods it¬†is suddenly no longer autumn but the end of summer. Off with jackets, faces to the sun then round the corner into the North and winter, now walking against horizontal hailstones. It is confusing… we need soup ūüôā

Method: soak a cup of broth mix¬†overnight, then cook up for an hour or so before adding chopped potato, carrot and onion. Cook until veg is tender, add some kale or other leafy greens and¬†either a teaspoon of¬†Vecon Concentrated Vegetable Stock¬†or a few sloshes of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (like soy sauce but with less salt and¬†all the protein).¬† Simmer a few minutes longer then dish up and garnish with parsley or chervil. Be warm.

fox in the snow


Scottish macaroons

If you’re looking for a Scottish¬†dish to make for Burns night other than haggis*,¬†these are very good – nothing like the English item of the same name and containing the somewhat surprising ingredient of potato (undetectable, is¬†lovely fondant).

Basically you boil a small peeled potato, mash it and mix in as much icing sugar as it can take, which will be a lot. Roll out the fondant, cut into rectangles and leave to dry out for a few hours. Coat in melted chocolate, dip in dessicated coconut, toasted or not, and let set. There is a more detailed write up by Cat over on Modern Housewife

*note: do not serve the macaroons¬†with neeps and tatties ūüėČ

Scottish coconut macaroons

there be magic in them there woods